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Some friends of mine sometimes like to ask me what I am doing at the moment. Here is a "now" page to briefly cover my recent updates of life.

Updated on 15th October, 2022.


Beijing, China. With my girlfriend Sev living in an apartment in Shunyi District.


As a full-stack developer of NaturalSelectionLabs, I'm working in the Crossbell-Box group to build the next-generation Web3 product - From the SDK, to the API, to so many other products, me and my wonderful team members built and open sourced them together, by working remotely. It's an amazing working experience.


I'm watching the TV series Game of Thrones. I always wanted to watch it but was intimidated by the length of the show. Now, I've watched with Sevi for the first two seasons. Totally fascinated by it. But I know things will be change in the final season. What did every one say? - "the winter is coming". (Laugh)


I've been reading some books by Friedrich Hayek lately, like The Road to Serfdom. And The Open Society and Its Enemies by Karl Popper. And some similar stuff. Why? Living in China, witnessing and living through things is really tough. Some answers need to be found, and the mind needs to stay awake, maybe from these books.


Continued from previous paragraph, (sigh), I'm listening to 不明白播客 (meaning "un-uderstandable"), a Chinese political podcast hosted by the NYT Asia tech columnist, Yuan Li, discussing and trying to answer some political-related things happened in China. Each episode is conducted in a conversation with a guest. I'd say this is the highest quality Chinese podcast I've listened to so far.

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Chinese Translation(中文翻译):


更新于 2022 年 10 月 15 日。


中国北京。和我的女朋友 Sev 住在顺义区的一个公寓里。


作为 NaturalSelectionLabs 的全栈开发人员,我在 Crossbell-Box 小组,正在构建下一代 Web3 产品 -。从 SDK,到 API,再到 许许 多多 其他 产品,我和出色的团队成员们通过远程工作共同构建并开源了它们。工作体验非常棒!


我正在看电视剧《权力的游戏》。我一直想看它,但被剧集的长度吓倒了。现在,我已经和 Sevi 一起看了前两季。完全被它迷住了。但我知道事情会在最后一季发生变化。大家怎么说来着?—— “凛冬将至”。(笑)


我最近在读 Friedrich Hayek 的一些书,比如《通往奴役之路》。以及 Karl Popper 的《开放社会及其敌人》。还有一些其他类似的。为什么?因为生活在中国,见证和经历事情真的很艰难。也许能从这些书中,找到一些答案,并保持头脑的清醒。




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